"Gotta Make It Thru"
— Daniel Bedingfield
Chapter 27

“I no do anything if you don’t want me to Robyn.” Lau’s breath hit my neck causing me to bite down on my lip, drawing blood.

I sucked my lip and breathed out, “I don’t care Laurent. Stop playing games.” I sat up, my bra and underwear the only thing constricting skin to skin contact.

In seconds, that was no more. Laurent crawled behind me, his strong hands sliding the bra straps off my shoulders as I wiggled and shimmied out of my underwear. His lips met my shoulder blades and I shook a little. The feeling was so strong. I flung my head full of curls back and our hair met each other’s. I reached for his hands and wrapped them around my waist as I leaned into him. “You look amazing in this view.” He took me by my waist and pulled me back onto the bed, “I take it easy first time, but round 2, be ready.” I snorted and let him kiss down my body, stopping right at my navel I reached for his puffy head, writhing in pleasure as his head slowly eased back down to the throbbing sensation that seemed to be calling for Laurent.

“Oh god.” I whispered breathlessly, “Oh god!” My back arched and my head pushed hard into the downy pillows. Lau looked up and I could see the glimmer in his eyes, then his lips formed a curve on his face as he positioned on all fours above me. “Why you playing games Laurent?” I traced the muscles that flexed in his arms. Either Lau’s air conditioning wasn’t working or things were getting really, really hot in this apartment. The more he kissed me, the more his hands touched places never touched by another soul, the more his groans replayed in my ears, the more my body yearned to feel him. Like really feel him. Our breathing rose and became more erratic and the pang I was feeling grew more and more unbearable. “Please Lau.” We gained a strong eye connection and he leaned back down, his eyes crossing the closer his face came to meeting mine. When his lips met mine and I felt it I winced.

“I go slow for you baby.” He bit my bottom lip and brushed the tip of his nose against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him take me on the slow ride.

The pain in the beginning was almost unbearable; it was like someone was damn near stabbing me, no pun intended. Laurent could barely fit it all in before I would whimper and tell him pull back out. If that wasn’t bad enough, the condom made it worse but I KNEW no protection was not an option. Sooner than later though, the pain resided and the pleasure made way. My eyes were shut tight and my legs were wrapped around Laurent’s waist with my toes resting at the small of his back, my arms awkwardly positioned so I could hold on to his shoulders. When I did open my eyes, Lau’s eyes never left mine. With of course the occasional blink. Every now and again he’d lean down and rest his lips on mine. The kiss was ineffable, I couldn’t explain it. The plethora of emotions behind the kiss, sex, hunger, passion, love, pure sensuality, I wasn’t even capable at that moment to try and explain them to myself.

Finally, there was a rhythm we both picked up. My moans grew louder; my muscles grew tighter, my nails digging into his skin. There it was, the moment I heard in songs, from experienced friends, my nasty ass older brothers dumping sexual escapades with their whores. I never really understood it before, why it was such a big thing to actually feel one. I know a lot of my girls faked it, but they said I would always know when the REAL one came. I gripped Laurent closer to me and let out a window shattering scream, the ecstasy flowing from head to toe. Laurent collapsed on top of me and kissed my cheek, and then lips, then nose, rolling over and pulling me back on top of him.

“You try and be quiet or something?” Laurent’s hands gripped my waist as I straddled him, still trying hard to catch my breath.

“No. I just— half the time I just couldn’t talk.” I giggled, suddenly nervous about what I’d just done. “Did we really just— I really just lost my virginity.”

“Yes, you not as bad as I thought you might be.” He smirked and led me to the shower, “You bleed, go run shower, I change sheets and meet you in there.”

“Bad?” I threw a pillow at him and ran into the shower.

“No Laurent, I’m tired.” I cuddled next to Lau. After the shower we had one more round, this one more pleasurable than the first and wrapped up skin-to-skin in the bed. The sun was now creeping up on us but we were both exhausted.

“Fine. I give you break, but don’t be surprise my friend comes to visit again.” He smirked as I wiggled my away around to face him. He kissed the top of my head and snuggled his head above mine, his arms securing me there for the night. Before I had a chance to react and throw some smart ass comment, I drifted off to sleep.

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